Why You Need Learning Management System?

E-learning has taken knowledge to next level where you can access valuable information about any subject on your PC’s, laptops and other handheld devices. This system provides the infinite opportunities to its users. So here I am going to answer a well-known question that why do we need a learning management system? Epazz has taken Learning Management System (LMS) to another level by adding following features that make the learners learning environment more enjoyable and rewarding. Online Course Registration Live teaching Video tutorials Online classes and training sessions Group discussions Live chat Portal Socializing with course mates Centralized Knowledge system With an LMS, you can import or export content like video tutorials, text-based content and more, along with formal e-Learning content. Our integrated LMS solution also works efficiently across the learning departments. So Epazz-LMS is not just a learning Management System but it also includes components like CMS, DMS, and RAM. These features improve the system efficiency and, of course, reduce the cost. When you use an LMS, you also get the following features: A streamlined learning process Where student can communicate with instructor all in one place Robust grade book Offers students 24/7 access to resources Reduces paperwork Support of multimedia Online Training Sessions Individual learning LMS for Instructors and Teachers LMS is the best solution for teachers, trainers or those who want to deliver online courses and share their knowledge/experience with the world, so Epazz-LMS is the solution. We provide registration portal where Teachers, Instructors and Students can create their account to get access to the system. Teachers and instructors have rights to add power point presentations, videos, images, and assignments in PDF or MS-Word format, where students can view and download these files and can upload assignments within the time set by the instructor or teacher.

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